Why BriefCam?

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Our comprehensive video analytics solutions empower you to translate video into impact with industry leading innovation and best-in-breed technology advancements. Review hours of video in minutes; respond immediately to critical situational changes in the environment; and quantitatively analyze video to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security and operational decision making, all while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Video Analytics Powered by
AI & Deep Learning

Change the Way You See Video

Visual Layers
Visual Layers

Increase scene understanding by visualizing activity, dwell time, common paths, and background changes as easily readable heatmaps.

Object Counting
Object Counting

Configure count-based rules to monitor the increase or decrease of people or airplanes in a pre-defined area.

BriefCam 2024 M1 & R2

You are evolving and so are we! Learn how our new releases support growing and scaling end user organizations with new analytic capabilities, a new multi-site solution, enhanced deployment architectures, and more in our 2024 M1 and R2 releases.