Custom ClassifID

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Custom ClassifID

BriefCam recognizes that the value of video is further magnified when end customers can define and leverage custom classes that can meet the unique needs of each organization and environment.

Custom ClassifID, our patent-pending innovation, places the power of on-site network training, based on a low image threshold, in the hands of each end customer, making unique object classes, such as unique vehicle types or uniformed employees, searchable, actionable, and quantifiable at scale. Download the datasheet to learn more!

Enjoy the value of video for impact, tailored to the needs of your specific environment, and schedule a personalized demo today!

BriefCam 2023 M1

Custom ClassifID is a critical innovation in the new 2023 M1 version release to the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. To learn more about 2023 M1 offerings and BriefCam’s continued commitment to enabling people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content through impactful, accurate, and flexible video analytics applications, explore the press release.

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