Video Analytics for Safe & Smart Cities

Intelligent video content analytics for community safety, economic growth and public & private sector partnerships

Deliver Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Cities

Cities, together with their law enforcement agencies, all face the same difficult challenge of protecting their residents, supporting local business, and developing strategies to decrease crime while driving economic growth, attracting new businesses and spurring tourism. BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics capabilities enable both private and public sectors to deliver safe, secure and sustainable cities by reducing the crime rate, optimizing pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow, monitoring these trends over time, and enabling proactive response with real-time alerting.

Major cities around the globe are looking at ways that technology can impact our way of life in urban areas. From city planning and transportation to safety and security organizations, cities are preparing for the tech-enabled future – and leveraging existing investments in a whole new way. Taking advantage of the video surveillance systems deployed throughout these metropolitan areas, Smart Cities are unlocking the treasure trove of value in their video systems.

Accelerate Investigations

Streamline and accelerate post event investigation by bringing relevant events to the forefront and enabling collaborative case management

Building Maintance
Attain Situational Awareness

Improve situational awareness to ensure safety and security events are handled proactively and effectively

Derive Operational Intelligence

Obtain quantitative intelligence on vehicle and pedestrian direction and speed to alleviate congestion, optimize traffic flows, and manage crowds

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Police forces have reported that with BriefCam they can surveil six to ten locations using the same detective hours it previously required for a single stake-out. When it comes to Safe City implementations however, BriefCam is about more than solving crime, it is about how technology can transform a city by optimizing both safety and operational efficiencies. Learn about how The Hartford PD is using BriefCam to help revitalize their city by harnessing the power of video for smart, proactive planning.


For more information on how BriefCam can help cities & municipalities achieve a faster time to target or create new economic opportunities, contact us to arrange a demonstration.