Video Analytics for Retail Business

Intelligent video content analytics for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience

Maximize Cross-Business Visibility
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Discover unprecedented enterprise insights across your entire multi-site retail organization. Centralized alert management and aggregated business intelligence will amplify situational awareness and drive data-driven decision-making from one convenient hub.

Optimizing Retail Intelligence for
Maximizing Customer Engagement

Today’s modern retailers understand that the value of analyzing in-store video surveillance footage goes well beyond loss prevention and crime deterrence. Video Content Analytics solutions are now being used as a proactive means to create strategies that enhance the shopping experience, improve retention and increase sales. BriefCam allows you to leverage your video surveillance content to uncover quantifiable data and trends to better understand consumer behavior and increase profits.

Accelerate Investigations

Reduce shrinkage, vandalism and theft, while also protecting customers, employees, and inventories

Attain Situational Awareness

Understand shopper demographics, product interaction, visitor paths and dwell time to optimize store layout, product placement and customer experience

Derive Operational Intelligence

Leverage business intelligence dashboards to assess trends over time, grow your customer base and support your merchandising strategy

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BriefCam delivers quantifiable data enabling retailers to track trends over time to understand where improvements need to be made. By leveraging this extracted and aggregated video metadata, users can derive actionable insights, enabling data-driven safety, security, and operational decision making.

In addition to deriving operational insights from individual sites, BriefCam supports businesses with multiple locations or branches with an innovative multi-site deployment architecture, enabling retailers to visualize business intelligence from multiple sites into centralized dashboards, analyze cross-site surveillance video, as well as receive real-time alert notifications from across all locations, all while significantly reducing video processing bandwidth requirements.

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