Video Analytics for Transportation Agencies

Intelligent Video Content Analytics for Proactive and Predictive Security and Improved Operational Productivity

Optimizing Traffic Flow, Business
Operations and Passenger Safety

Video Content Analytics plays a crucial role in improving operations and guest experience, preventing security events and improving post-event investigations in the transportation industry. Track objects across cameras, monitor and manage passenger and traffic flow, control restricted areas, and implement watchlists with BriefCam’s powerful Video Content Analytics platform. Reduce risk, optimize staff performance, enhance passenger satisfaction and more.

People Counting
Accelerate Investigations

Bring relevant events to the forefront to allow quick review by those individuals who can provide an accurate assessment

Attain Situational Awareness

Gain control over security and operational management while streamlining or even reducing the required resources

Video Analytics
Derive Operational Intelligence

Engage quantifiable insights for on-site security and retailers to plan and manage traffic flows, optimally place products and identify problem hotpots

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Transform your video into valuable business insights
See how video analytics solutions can help you solve business, operations, and security challenges.


The field of transportation relies on video surveillance to monitor and respond efficiently and effectively to security incidents throughout its airport terminals, bus stops and train tracks. With BriefCam’s comprehensive Video Content Analytics solution, transportation agencies can effectively harness its video data to rapidly investigate incidents and crimes, understand traffic flow and passenger demographics while also improving situational awareness.

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