Promote Safe and Efficient Operations at Warehouses, Distribution Centers and Manufacturing Facilities

Enhance Visibility for Your Multi-Site
Manufacturing Organization!

Discover unprecedented enterprise insights for manufacturing organizations with 2024 M1 and BriefCam Nexus. Centralized alert management and aggregated business intelligence will amplify situational awareness and drive data-driven decision-making for every location from one convenient hub.

On-site safety and administrative operations at production facilities can be efficiently and effectively managed with intelligent video surveillance. Enhancing oversight of offices, loading docks, maintenance zones, storage and parking areas; increasing perimeter security; reducing the need for – and mitigating the risks of – in-person security patrols; and preventing and investigating inventory theft, are just a few of the ways operations and security managers are streamlining logistics and maximizing efficiency with video content analytics.

video security
Accelerate Investigations

Rapidly and productively review and search video to investigate inventory theft, on-site accidents, and health and safety compliance and pinpoint people and objects of interest in video

Video Analytics Warehouse
Attain Situational Awareness

Trigger real-time calls to action when anomalous or suspicious behavior is detected based on extensive object classification and recognition filters to drive proactive response to developing situations and emergencies

line crossing
Derive Operational Intelligence

Demonstrate and optimize production performance and health and safety compliance by visualizing aggregated video data into dashboards, heatmaps and reports

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