Video Analytics for Hospitality & Entertainment

Intelligent Video Analytics for Enhanced Guest Experiences, Operational Efficiency & Safety & Security

Enhancing Guest Experiences While
Streamlining Operations & Public Safety

From casinos to cruise lines, theme parks to art museums, entertainment and hospitality venues must constantly provide top tier guest service and experience, while balancing countless other critical considerations such as security, operational efficiency, and evolving industry requirements. BriefCam Video Analytics solutions empower hospitality venues to leverage their video surveillance investments beyond security for comprehensive business intelligence for proactive, data-driven decision-making.


Accelerate Investigations

After an incident has transpired, understand the scene and identify persons of interest for solving crime, demonstrating compliance with health and safety standards, and more.

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Attain Situational Awareness

Proactively respond to developing situations from queue formations and overcrowding to suspicious and unexpected visitor behavior with real-time, rule-based alerts.

Derive Operational Intelligence

Manage operations, staff engagement and guest experiences with business intelligence from video surveillance data in the form of heatmaps, reports and interactive dashboards.

Video Analytics for Resuming Cruise Line Operations

BriefCam Video Analytics empowers cruise operators to utilize their existing video surveillance infrastructure to support a phased, deliberate and intentional pathway toward swiftly resuming passenger services in the short term, while also uncovering invaluable business intelligence moving forward. Video insights can help crew management in a variety of ways, from avoiding litigation by uncovering evidence for false claims to recognizing passengers in order to offer increased VIP engagement or track missing persons that have not embarked following an on-shore expedition. With BriefCam, cruise lines are well-equipped to optimize operational performance and guest experience by:

  • Detecting & enforcing physical distancing and face mask wearing, driving efficient contact tracing for confirmed infections, and facilitating proactive usage-based maintenance
  • Streamlining operations with efficient occupancy management, excluding crew members from the data, while also presenting guests with live occupancy information at on-board venues
  • Leveraging guest traffic flow, behavior and demographic intelligence for data-driven decision-making to provide enhanced guest experiences
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