Intelligent Video Analytics for Enhanced Guest Experiences, Operational Efficiency & Safety & Security

Enhance Multi-Site Organizational
Visibility with 2024 M1!

Discover unprecedented enterprise insights for your hospitality organization. Centralized alert management and aggregated business intelligence will amplify your situational awareness and drive data-driven decision-making from one convenient hub.

Enhancing Guest Experiences While
Streamlining Operations & Public Safety

From casinos to cruise lines, theme parks to art museums, entertainment and hospitality venues must constantly provide top tier guest service and experience, while balancing countless other critical considerations such as security, operational efficiency, and evolving industry requirements. BriefCam Video Analytics solutions empower hospitality venues to leverage their video surveillance investments beyond security for comprehensive business intelligence for proactive, data-driven decision-making.

Accelerate Investigations

After an incident has transpired, understand the scene and identify persons of interest for solving crime, demonstrating compliance with health and safety standards, and more.

People Counting
Attain Situational Awareness

Proactively respond to developing situations from queue formations and overcrowding to suspicious and unexpected visitor behavior with real-time, rule-based alerts.

Derive Operational Intelligence

Manage operations, staff engagement and guest experiences with business intelligence from video surveillance data in the form of heatmaps, reports and interactive dashboards.

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Transform your video into valuable business insights
See how video analytics solutions can help you solve business, operations, and security challenges.

Transform your casino with innovative video analytics

The BriefCam Video Content Analytics Platform empowers casinos to leverage their existing video surveillance investments to increase safety and security, optimize operations, and manage visitor traffic throughout their property. Casinos can translate video into business intelligence to strategically maximize the cross-organizational impact of operations, physical security, and guest experience with data-driven decision making powered by video analytics technology.

What To Learn More?

For more information on how BriefCam can help hospitality & entertainment facilities to increase venue safety & security with video data, contact us to arrange a demonstration.