The BriefCam Solution Ecosystem

Empowering Every Business

BriefCam offers platform-based video analytics software that seamlessly integrates into the broader video surveillance ecosystem alongside cameras, video management systems (VMS), hardware, access control systems, cloud services and more.

Hardware for Optimized Video Processing

BriefCam currently supports both cloud and on-premise deployments of its Video Analytics Platform, with its on-premises solution, harnessing the power of GPUs to quickly execute advanced analytics compared to on-camera, VMS, and Cloud platforms. Users can deploy custom hardware setups or the pre-configured BriefCam in a Box solutions to meet BriefCam’s software requirements.

Flexible Deployment Architecture Options

The BriefCam Platform accommodates both standalone single-site deployments and, with BriefCam Nexus, multi-site architectures. BriefCam Nexus enables organizations to consolidate video intelligence from multiple standalone sites across multiple locations for holistic, cross-business insight. Centralize alert management, aggregate business intelligence, and significantly enhance enterprise visibility between locations.

Solution Tiers for Any Sized Business

The broad BriefCam solutions portfolio is designed to meet the needs of communities and companies of any size. Learn more about recommended BriefCam product pairings and start mapping your BriefCam implementation using our suggested BriefCam Solution Tiers below.

BriefCam Solution Packages

Need guidance selecting the scalable BriefCam solution that’s right for your organization? We’re here to help! Check out our suggested solution packages for varying business needs and sizes.


For customers with less than 100 Cameras


For customers with less than 100 Cameras

  • BriefCam Grow: All-in-One Solution
  • Custom Sized Hardware + BriefCam Insights or BriefCam Protect

Organizations with multiple locations

For more information and to select the solution that is right for you, schedule a consultation today.