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Drive Exponential Value From Video Surveillance Investments

Transform Video Into Actionable Intelligence

BriefCam’s comprehensive and extensive Video Content Analytics platform is deployed by law enforcement and public safety organizations, government and transportation agencies, major enterprises, healthcare and educational institutions, and local communities worldwide. Discover how BriefCam can help your business transform video data into searchable, quantifiable and actionable intelligence.

Law Enforcement

Effectively and efficiently investigate events and close cases, optimize vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows and drive safe city transformation, while promoting public safety.


Leverage video data for business intelligence to understand consumer analytics, visualize trends and in-store traffic patterns, reduce theft and maximize customer engagement.

Stadiums & Events

Increase safety and situational awareness, respond to suspicious behavior, uncover traffic patterns and prevent bottlenecks and place shops and vendors based on intelligence.


Streamline security and operational management with quantifiable insights about traffic trends, product placement and problem hot spots, while responding proactively to threats.

Cities & Municipalities

Accelerate post-event investigations, understand and optimize vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns and improve situational awareness to drive faster threat response.


Streamline campus security, accelerate investigations, improve situational awareness, and enable proactive emergency response, while increasing data-driven operational efficiencies.