Video Analytics for Healthcare

Enhance Hospital & Healthcare Security, Operational Efficiency & Visitor Experiences

For healthcare providers, ensuring the physical safety of patients and visitors is as critical as responding to their medical needs. While video surveillance enables them to monitor their facilities, healthcare organizations can increase security, situational awareness and operational efficiency with Video Content Analytics solutions. With BriefCam, organizations can leverage real-time, actionable intelligence to drive increased safety, on-site traffic optimization, crime prevention and business performance.

Accelerate Video Review

Proactively ensure pathways to emergency treatment are always clear with visibility into popular patient and visitor navigation paths, dwell locations and entrance trends

Video Analytics Healthcare
Attain Situational Awareness

Configure rule-based alerts to trigger real-time calls-to-action for suspicious behavior, security threats and emergencies, from tracking high risk patients to proactively preventing crowding and cleaning facilities based on usage

Derive Operational Intelligence

Optimize business performance of on-site amenities, including restaurants and shops, with intelligence about visitor demographics and movements

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Transform your video into valuable business insights
See how video analytics solutions can help you solve business, operations, and security challenges.

Meeting Evolving Healthcare Standards

BriefCam delivers quantifiable data, enabling hospitals and healthcare facilities to track trends over time and understand how they can optimize traffic flows and situational awareness on-site to keep visitors and staff safe and hospital operations running efficiently and effectively. As the needs of private hospitals and public health institutions expand and evolve, BriefCam’s robust suite of video content analytic solutions can flexibly adapt to new environments and requirements.

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