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Surveillance cameras are everywhere – they’re monitoring our cities and airports, our businesses, retail outlets, universities, hospitals, entertainment destinations and increasingly watching over our homes. Security, IT and operations teams around the world have made significant investments into their video surveillance systems, but they are overwhelmed with the amount of footage they receive and are frustrated that they are not realizing the full value that their system could deliver.

BriefCam is changing all of that. It’s transforming the way videos are processed, analyzed, consumed and acted upon, and it’s empowering all teams that have video at their disposal.

BriefCam enriches existing VMS systems, differentiates video surveillance solutions and provides a competitive advantage to its partners. As the industry’s leading provider of Video Content Analytics and Video Synopsis solutions, BriefCam is helping its partners and customers derive exponential value from their surveillance camera investments.

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Briefcam’s one-day certification course covers the essentials required for using BriefCam’s Review, Research and Respond modules, and it will enable you to start selling and supporting BriefCam’s products. The course covers the following topics:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Deployment design
  • Storage and bandwidth calculation
  • Threat analysis

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