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Video surveillance always has been a critical component in enabling security and ensuring public safety: from preventing incidents by monitoring live feeds to supporting investigations by combing through recordings for video evidence. With the introduction of  Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology, the value of video footage has become exponentially greater. The ability to efficiently and effectively review and analyze video is a gamechanger for law enforcement and private security agencies.

Accelerate Investigations

Accelerate video investigations with the review of hours of video in minutes and sometimes in seconds. Accurate face recognition rapidly pinpoints people of interest using digital images harvested from the video or from external sources.

Attain Situational Awareness

Video content analytics capabilities enable both private and public sectors to deliver safer, secure and sustainable cities by reducing the crime rate, spurring economic growth, and enabling situational awareness.

Derive Operational Intelligence

Obtain quantitative intelligence on vehicle and pedestrian direction and speed to alleviate congestion, optimize traffic flows, and manage crowds

New Guide: A Law Enforcement Guide to Video Analytics

It is critical for law enforcement to be able to effectively and efficiently review and respond to events recorded by video surveillance. This eBook will discuss how Video Content Analytics are enabling law enforcement and security agencies to leverage video for productive review, proactive response and deriving predictive analytics from video content.


Video for Police investigations


Video Surveillance Software for Police Case Study

Hartford Police Video Analytics


The Hartford PD is using BriefCam to solve crimes it could never have solved before.

After a fatal shooting at a nightclub, the only lead was witness descriptions of the suspect and the vehicle. With BriefCam, the HPD searched days of video prior to the incident to identify similar vehicles, and then zoomed in to see the driver’s face. They matched the suspect and the vehicle, using video that was taken at a red light hours before the crime. Based on this information, the HPD was able to get a search warrant, swab the suspect for DNA, and confirm a DNA match to evidence from the crime scene. Without the ability to rapidly search days of footage from multiple nearby cameras, this suspect might not have been caught.

Hartford Police Case Study

Video Surveillance Software for Law Enforcement
Use Case Videos

BriefCam for Investigations: Can you catch the wine thief?
BriefCam for Investigations: Who took the bike path?
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