Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

Detect, Track, Extract, Classify & Catalog

It’s not Magic…it’s Science

When customers first see BriefCam in action, the results seem magical. Underneath the covers, there’s cutting-edge science and technology at work. As BriefCam processes raw video, it simultaneously:

  • Understands the context of the entire scene and its background
  • Detects, tracks, extracts, and classifies every object
  • Creates a structured database of information out of the unstructured video data for granular search, comprehensive report and smart alerting

All this technology is packaged into an easy to use, powerful video analytics solution that transforms video surveillance into actionable intelligence, and it looks like magic! The result? Get to what matters most – fast!


Click on the video with the woman on the bicycle and what do you see? Probably just a woman on a bicycle? BriefCam detected a (1) woman, (2) wearing black and white, (3) riding on a bicycle, (4) going at a speed of less than 8mph, in a (5) southerly direction.

In the second video you will note that BriefCam detects and tracks every moving object in the scene. For every object detected, tracked and extracted in the scene, BriefCam classifies the properties of that object such as its gender, vehicle type, color, speed, direction, etc., and catalogs that metadata which is then used for video search and quantitative analysis.


Import Video Data

Video Import

Video is fetched from a VMS or read from video files, and converted from their proprietary formats using plugins so they are ready for processing. Processing tasks can be scheduled in advance so that video is ready for review on a fixed schedule.

Object Extraction

Object Extraction

Moving objects are separated from the video background using Deep Neural Networks and Computer Vision technologies, and are then tracked throughout their appearance in the scene.

Object Classification

Object Classification

Objects are classified according to different classes, e.g. people and vehicles, and their attributes, e.g. gender, carrying a bag, type of vehicle, and color, and then saved into the database together with the object’s locations throughout the scene.


BriefCam’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine transforms raw video into objects and events as the human brain perceives them, allowing BriefCam and its Partners to build diverse applications from a single general-purpose processing engine.

One of these applications is called Video Synopsis® which BriefCam invented and owns the worldwide patents for. Video Synopsis is the ability to present all the objects that passed through a particular frame at different times simultaneouslyThis breakthrough approach allows organizations to review hours of video in minutes, sometimes seconds.

BriefCam’s unique approach to processing and indexing the entire video content enables organizations to leverage each of their cameras for a multitude of use cases, e.g. security & safety, operations, and marketing — all using their existing surveillance ecosystem.

BriefCam recognizes that there are a variety of user profiles within an organization and therefore provides a broad set of applications in order to support these users such as search & rapid review for investigators, quantitative dashboards and reports management, and alerts for live monitoring and rapid response.

"BriefCam sorts through the metadata and finds the footage on our servers… We can find the answers very fast – a stolen car or a missing child just using details like the colour of a shirt or hat."

City Council Spokesman
Ipswich Australia