Deep Learning Redefines Video
Surveillance Systems

Harness the Power of Neural Networks

Transforming How Video is Analyzed

Deep learning is a new computer model in which neural networks are trained to recognize patterns from massive amounts of data. A science unto itself, BriefCam was an early pioneer in harnessing deep learning to advance the breakthroughs it had already made using computer vision to transform how video was being reviewed and analyzed.

Capturing and unlocking the immense store of data in video requires processing power. Advances in GPU technology, led by industry leader NVIDIA is exponentially accelerating the performance and precision of BriefCam’s solution. Processing breakthroughs continue to foster new advances in speed and capabilities.

The BriefCam® fusion of Deep Learning and VIDEO SYNOPSIS® is redefining how video surveillance systems are being used by leading Law Enforcement agencies and major enterprises globally.

"Just through BriefCam, being able to go through it very quickly, we were able to identify the exact time frame and the exact individual who was creating the problem."

Bonnie Michelman, CPP
MGH Director of Police, Security and Outside Services