Face Recognition for Safety, Security and Operational Efficiency


Utilizing your existing video surveillance infrastructure, BriefCam’s face recognition capabilities provide best-in-class face matching as a seamlessly integrated component of its extensible Video Content Analytics platform.  Users can rapidly pinpoint people of interest, create scalable watchlist management and powerful rule configuration for real-time alerts in critical, time-sensitive situations using external image sources, digital images extracted from video, and pre-defined watchlists. The ability to detect, track, extract, classify, catalog and alert on persons-of-interest appearing in video surveillance footage in real-time or forensically and across cameras enable situational awareness for safety, security and operational efficiency.

Industry Leading Accuracy

Equal or higher face matching accuracy when benchmarked against industry solutions

Extensible Platform Capability

Face Recognition as part of an innovative and extensible Video Content Analytics platform, enables a robust portfolio of fully integrated video analytics capabilities

Maximize Your Video Surveillance Investments

Utilize existing surveillance infrastructure to transform video into actionable intelligence