BriefCam Face Recognition

Fully Integrated Face Detection

Face Recognition is one of the many and ever-expanding video analysis capabilities fully integrated across the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. Powered by deep learning and used for video search, alerting, and visualization, face recognition empowers users to match faces to a source image by correlating biometric features and approximating the probability of a positive match, which can then be validated by a human operator.  

Rapidly pinpoint missing or suspicious persons, manage scalable watchlists, and powerfully configure alerting rules to drive informed decision-making in critical, time-sensitive situations. 

Understanding BriefCam Facial Recognition

For communities and companies that are legally allowed to utilize facial recognition technology, this capability can impactfully drive safety, security, and operational efficiency. BriefCam’s face recognition capabilities provide best-in-class face matching as a seamlessly integrated component of its extensible Video Content Analytics Platform. BriefCam Face Recognition does not directly interface with third party image databases for monitoring and identifying people.  

BriefCam, the company, does not store personal information on individuals or vehicles either by itself or through its users, and BriefCam has no access to images or video stored on its software, as they are the sole property of the end customer.  

With BriefCam Face Recognition, users can: 

  • Match faces against uploaded images, images extracted from video, and pre-defined watchlists 
  • Manage scalable watchlists to drive powerful alerting rule configurations 
  • Deactivate Face Recognition at any time in the BriefCam Administrator Consul 

Data Protection & Privacy

BriefCam, the company, does not store personal information on objects detected with its technology; however, you, the software end user, could be collecting and/or processing personal information on individuals and vehicles.

BriefCam’s software is a GDPR-friendly product that includes tools that can help you in your compliance efforts with the GDPR. For more information, see the BriefCam Data Protection whitepaper.


Regardless of your organization or jurisdiction’s policies, BriefCam solutions support international and evolving regulatory needs, including software offerings that exclude face recognition, while continuing to deliver comprehensive and accurate analytics for driving video search, alerting, and data visualization.

Video Analytics with Face Recognition Fully Integrated

A robust portfolio of critical video analytics capabilities, including face recognition, fully integrated across the platform for video metadata search, alerting, and visualization.

Compliant Visibility without Compromising Accuracy

A version of the BriefCam platform with face recognition completely excluded from the user interface and backend technology.


Need something in between? BriefCam is committed to empowering every business to translate video into impact. Let’s talk and discover how we can customize BriefCam to support your compliance requirements.