Video Analytics for Educational Institutions

Intelligent Video Content Analytics for Increasing Campus Security and Driving Business Performance

Enhance Multi-Site Visibility for Your
Campus with 2024 M1!

Discover unprecedented insights across all campus locations with BriefCam Nexus. Centralized alert management and aggregated business intelligence will amplify situational awareness and drive data-driven decision-making for every satellite campus from one convenient hub.

Driving Operational and Security
Efficiencies on Campus

Safety is a core concern of every campus, but with Video Content Analytics solutions, educational institutions can harness video intelligence for driving operational efficiency beyond security. BriefCam’s video analytics technology enables campuses of all sizes to leverage their video data to understand and analyze on-site incidents and behavioral patterns. By unlocking the power of video, educational institutions can optimize emergency response, post-event investigation and business performance across campus.

Learn about Using CARES Act Funds for Video Analytics

People Counting
Accelerate Investigations

Increase campus security with the ability to efficiently and effectively review video to understand threats and investigate incidents

Real Time Alerts
Attain Situational Awareness

Obtain situational awareness and proactively respond to emergencies by configuring real-time alerts to trigger calls to action when needed

Derive Operational Intelligence

Drive operational efficiency for both the educational institution and on-campus businesses with access to actionable intelligence based on video metadata

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Transform your video into valuable business insights
See how video analytics solutions can help you solve business, operations, and security challenges.

From Video to Actionable Intelligence

BriefCam’s technology enables educational institutions and college campuses to make their video surveillance data searchable, quantifiable and actionable. With BriefCam, video can be reviewed and searched quickly, enabling campus law enforcement to rapidly pinpoint objects and people of interest. Incidents can be investigated and risks can be mitigated immediately, with the ability to identify and detect potential threats and alert relevant assessors.

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