Real-time Alerting & Rapid Response

Respond to Critical Changes in Your Environment

Attain Situational Awareness

BriefCam Profiling

With BriefCam RESPOND you can trigger real-time alerts based on complex object classification and recognition filter combinations to increase situational awareness and deliver critical, time-sensitive intelligence. RESPOND empowers you to react to events as they unfold, from proactively protecting people and property to driving better visitor or customer engagement as opportunities arise.

BriefCam allows for improved responsiveness, real-time decision-making, and effective balancing of sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency with alerting rule configuration, face and license plate watchlist management, and alert notifications for messaging services and VMS alarm areas, including integration with Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect, Axis ACS, IndigoVision Control Center, Qognify Ocularis, Digifort Enterprise, and Verint EVMS.

BriefCam Response

Real -Time Alerts

Trigger real-time, rule-based alerts for face recognition, line crossing, vehicles, people of interest and object count, in time sensitive situations.

Smart Alerts

Respond to complex situational changes in the environment through buildable rule configurations, based on any number of search filters, including face and license plate recognition and more.


Send notifications to messaging services, and VMS alarms area. Integration with Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect, and IndigoVision Control Center.

Face Recognition

Powerful real-time Facial Recognition capabilities provide best-in-class face matching to rapidly pinpoints people of interest using digital images extracted from the video or from external sources.

License Plate Recognition

Receive alerts for “in the wild” license plate recognition, identifying license plates through watchlists, existing video or data uploads.

Line Crossing

Activate alerts when objects cross a demarcation in a pre-defined direction to drive perimeter protection and directional object count.

People Counting
People Counting

Configure count-based rules to monitor the increase or decrease of people in a pre-defined range of view or area – ideal for tracking queues and waiting areas.

line crossing
Proximity Identification

Alert when people are in proximity to one another for a period higher than a predefined threshold. Combine with time-based alerts to only notify when this action occurs too frequently.

Face Mask Detection
Face Mask Detection

Detect and alert when face masks are detected, or not detected on an individual, in real-time.

Watchlists & Rule Configuration

Scalable face recognition watchlist management and powerful alert rule configuration enables rapid notification of events in your environment.

One-Click Case Creation

Accelerate time to target with one-click case creation based on an alert, and rapidly review all daily alert events with a video synopsis in minutes.

Face Recognition

Face recognition technology provides another way for law enforcement and enterprise organizations to leverage face matching capabilities for safety, security and operational efficiencies. BriefCam’s face recognition capabilities provide best-in-class face matching as a seamlessly integrated component of its extensible Video Content Analytics platform. Users can:

  • Utilize external image sources, digital images extracted from video, and pre-defined watchlists
  • Create scalable watchlist management and powerful rule configurations
  • Generate real-time alerts in critical, time-sensitive situations
  • Receive notifications to messaging services, and the VMS alarms area

From Reactive to Proactive

BriefCam’s Smart Alerts provide near real-time notifications of safety, security and operational events such as:

  • Loitering of people and vehicles
  • Entering restricted areas
  • Objects moving in the wrong direction
  • People or vehicles on train tracks
  • Vehicles parked in drop off areas
  • Jaywalking
  • Cyclists on the sidewalk
  • Toll and fare evasion
"[BriefCam] software.. had only been in place for a few months when it helped solve a mystery at the largest convention center in North America..."
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