Real-time Response solutions in security and surveillance

Obtain Situational Awareness and Respond to Changes in the Environment

Manage Events Before They Unfold

Camera coverage is ever expanding, but resources for monitoring those cameras continue to be a challenge.  Even with a full team in the command center, watching cameras is rarely the best way to use those resources most effectively.  BriefCam provides the ability to trigger a call to action, bringing relevant events to the forefront and allowing quick review by those individuals who can provide an accurate assessment.

BriefCam’s Smart Alerts leverage the advanced analytical capabilities of the BriefCam’s search engine, and effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy and operational efficiency to reduce false positives. BriefCam’s alerts can also be integrated with a VMS or PSIM alerting module.


BriefCam’s Smart Alerts provide near real-time notifications of safety, security and operational events such as:

  • Loitering of people and vehicles
  • Entering restricted areas
  • Objects moving in the wrong direction
  • People or vehicles on train tracks
  • Vehicles parked in drop off areas
  • Jaywalking
  • Cyclists on the sidewalk
  • Toll and fare evasion

“[BriefCam] software.. had only been in place for a few months when it helped solve a mystery at the largest convention center in North America…”

Security Management