Our Top 10

Fusing Deep Learning & Computer Vision Technologies

Below is a list of the Top 10 features that highlights the unique fusion of Deep Learning and Computer Vision technologies that BriefCam delivers.

Video Synopsis
By superimposing objects on the background, utilizing the time and space of the video more efficiently, dramatically shortens the review time, especially when users don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. Smart Synopsis enables the user to view only the relevant objects in the Video Synopsis.

Object Thumbnails
Each object’s thumbnail is presented, sorted by the relevance of a search, allowing the user to filter out non relevant objects.

Close-Up Clips
Close-up Clips, created by a moving cropped area around the object, provides a highly compressed instant preview of an event. The automatic zoom-in ensures that the object of interest is clearly visible even on small mobile devices.

Pattern Overlays
Researchers can visualize and understand dwell patterns, common paths, and activity levels by overlaying heat maps on top of the video. Rapidly identifying which areas are more active than others, where objects remain for longer periods of time, and how most objects are moving though the scene, are some of the benefits.

Search & Filter
Focus on relevant objects by searching and filtering by Appearance, e.g. Person, Gender, Vehicle Type, Animal, Bag, Color, Size etc. or by Behavior, e.g. Area of Inclusion or Exclusion, Speed, Path, etc.

Case Management and Collaboration
Users can collect exhibits during their investigation, tag them with bookmarks and annotations, and associate them with an Investigation Case. Multiple investigators can collaborate on a single Case.

Back to Original
After detecting an object of interest, either via Thumbnails or a Video Synopsis, the user can select to see the object in its original form in the original video which can then be used as an evidence.

Real-time Alerts
Pre-configured rules can be set to trigger alerts when certain events occur. For example, a person walking in the wrong direction, or a bicycle being present on a highway. These alerts can be integrated with a VMS or PSIM alerting module.

Quantitative Research Reports
Leveraging the aggregated video analytic metadata and the embedded BI platform, users can extract actionable insights from their video and visualize them within customizable dashboards and reports. Tracking people and vehicle movement patterns over time, demographic segmentation trends, and running A/B tests, are some of the ways in which video can be transformed into actionable insights.

Active Directory SSO
Robust user authentication and simplified password management is built-in. Single sign-on (SSO), via Microsoft Active Directory, makes IT and security integration easy to implement and understand.

“Everything from the quality of their patented Synopsis presentation layer to their advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities is cutting-edge. These unique capabilities enable us to offer our customers the best-of-breed video analytics solution.”

– Koichi Mikami, Vice President and Group Executive, Canon Marketing Japan