Video Analytics for Stadiums & Events

Intelligent Video Content Analytics for Maximizing Security and Operational Efficiency at Stadiums & Convention Centers

Efficient Operations and Optimized
Performance for Venues

Ensuring safety in public spaces requires more than mere video surveillance monitoring. All venues that hold mass events, from stadiums to convention centers, require real-time, actionable intelligence to proactively secure, productively manage and predictively respond to challenges ranging from security threats to operational inefficiencies. BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics solutions enable you to strategically optimize traffic flows, prevent crime, better manage and prevent security events as well as improve visitor experiences, all by leveraging your existing video surveillance investments.

Accelerate Investigations

Rapidly pinpoint people and vehicles across multiple cameras based on attributes such as face, gender, type, size, clothing color, direction and speed to quickly identify and catch suspects

Attain Situational Awareness

Increase safety and situational awareness, configuring alerts to trigger real-time calls-to-action for suspicious behavior, security threats and emergencies

Derive Operational Intelligence

Optimize vehicular and pedestrian traffic and prevent bottlenecks with the ability to quantify throughput and uncover parking and navigation patterns

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BriefCam delivers quantifiable data, enabling mass event organizers and venues to track trends over time and understand how they can optimize performance and guest experiences. By leveraging intelligence extracted and aggregated from video metadata, users can derive actionable insights for optimizing security, operational decision making and demonstrating the value of their space to prospective renters.

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