BriefCam Video Analytics for Federal
Law Enforcement & Government

Maximize Cross-Agency Visibility with 2024 M1!

Discover unprecedented insights across multiple federal agencies and departments. Centralized alert management and aggregated intelligence from your video-data will amplify situational awareness and drive data-driven decision-making from one convenient hub.

Optimize Investigations. Respond in
Real-Time. Enhance Public Safety.

Federal governments rely on video surveillance to enable security and ensure public safety. The addition of Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology exponentially increases the value of federal video assets by empowering efficient, effective review and analysis of video in record time. Change the way Federal leverages video surveillance, with BriefCam.

Accelerate Federal Investigations

Improve investigation productivity and review hours of video in minutes with ever-expanding video search and filtering capabilities, pinpointing people and objects of interest with speed and precision.

Real Time Alerts
Attain Situational Awareness

Bring relevant events to the forefront with real-time alerting capabilities, driving proactive response to situational changes, while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Video Analytics
Derive Operational Intelligence

Quantitatively analyze video and derive actionable insights for operational decision-making and optimization. Uncover patterns by aggregating video data in interactive, intuitive, and easy to use dashboards.

For more information on how BriefCam serves Federal users, download our Capabilities Statement here.

*BriefCam is not a telecommunication or video surveillance provider, but substantively speaking, at this point in time, our product is compliant.

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