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Watch How Organizations Transform Video Into Actionable Intelligence

See BriefCam’s technology in action! Watch how organizations use BriefCam to review, respond and research to security issues and uncover business intelligence.

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Reduce hours spent reviewing video footage, with BriefCam’s patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS technology. Turn 1.5-hours into 14-seconds to find all the relevant vehicles we’re looking for.

For ages, retail stores have used surveillance systems for security and loss prevention purposes but haven’t activated their surveillance infrastructure as a business intelligence tool. Check out this video to see how video analytics is enabling the success of retailers with data-driven intelligence.

BriefCam is enabling retailers to turn their existing video surveillance investments into a pattern, trend, and demographic collecting infrastructure for data-driven decision making.

BriefCam Analytics in Action: The Hartford Police Department was made aware of heavy drug activity on this street and put up a pole cam, which recorded 12 hours of activity. Follow along as we identify the drug house in under 2 minutes and help Hartford PD secure a search warrant and neutralize the drug house.

Don’t wait on video processing! Watch this video to see how BriefCam video analytics can process 1 hour of video in 4 minutes so you can use VIDEO SYNOPSIS and filtering features faster.

This video highlights how you can optimize your law enforcement technology and increase public safety with BriefCam’s video analytics suspect matching and activity heatmapping features.

See how you can use video intelligence dashboards for tracking occupancy thresholds with BriefCam’s people counting capabilities and multi-entrance trends.

This video will help you understand queue wait times by leveraging BriefCam’s checkout analytics dashboards to support efficient staffing management and occupancy management.

Learn how you can transform video surveillance into intelligent data dashboards to identify train station traffic patterns and enhance security with this video.

This video explains how to enhance investigations with BriefCam’s powerful video analytics and empower your video surveillance to filter video with license plate recognition.

Learn how to address traffic violations and improve public safety by leveling up your traffic cameras with BriefCam video analytics solutions.

This video highlights how BriefCam video analytics provides heatmaps and visualized trend dashboards to enhance your in-store consumer experience to help you understand consumer behavior.

Watch this video to learn how to monitor customer behavior, track objects across cameras, and set dwell alerts with BriefCam video analytics for retail optimization and loss prevention.

Watch this video to learn how to pair BriefCam video analytics with your point of sales data to gain business intelligence for efficient staffing management and building occupancy. 

Watch this video to learn how to optimize staff management with BriefCam video analytics. Use path analysis dashboards and people counting tools to gain business intelligence for building teams.

This video highlights how to identify unique traffic trends with BriefCam face reidentification and facial tracking to turn your video into data for critical video intelligence insights.

Watch this video to learn how to get business intelligence for casinos with real-time alerts and face recognition watchlists.

Version 6.2 of BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics Platform includes a number of user experience improvements and enhanced Appearance Similarity performance. BriefCam has released new interactive training exercises and many new Administrator and installation tools. To learn more about the BriefCam platform, visit

This video highlights the BriefCam REVIEW module. Watch to see how police departments are using BriefCam’s breakthrough technology to detect, track, extract and recognize people and objects from video, helping them investigate incidents quickly.

Watch this video to learn about Deep Learning, a computer model in which neural networks are trained to recognize patterns from volumes of data. Learn how BriefCam was an early pioneer in using this technology to review and analyze video footage, and how it is applied to understand the context of a video scene, and […]

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