Video Analytics

Briefcam Business Case Assessment for Video Analytics

This assessment answers the question, how can I use video analytics in my organization?

Video Analytics Assessment

What if you could drive exponential value from your video content by making it searchable, actionable, and quantifiable?

BriefCam’s video analytics platform offers a comprehensive software solution enabling you to rapidly review, alert on and analyze your video surveillance content, with leading accuracy, performance, and user experience.

We’ve created this tool to help you understand what use cases for video analytics may be most relevant and useful for you!

Need to understand an incident?
Accelerate video investigation based on an ever-growing set of object classification filters, including: object type, size, direction, speed, and face and license plate recognition.

Forecasting or planning?
Discover trend data and customizable dashboards that paint the full picture of traffic and activity.

Seeking instant intelligence?
Alert on critical events from suspicious behaviors to queues forming to drive real-time assessment and response.