BriefCam Architectures

Meet the Business Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Valuable Video Insights. Flexible Deployment Models

With the increased adoption of video analytics, diverse organizations are realizing the value of video beyond traditional surveillance applications and are demanding high performing and accurate analytics. From small, growing businesses to multi-site enterprises, BriefCam empowers businesses of all sizes to seamlessly and confidently implement BriefCam Video Analytics Platform technology with flexible architecture options that meet your current and evolving deployment needs.

Standalone Architecture

The BriefCam Video Analytics Platform

Delivering video search, alerting, and data visualization for single facilities of any size, the BriefCam standalone architecture is optimal for organizations with a specific focus on video analytics for an independent site or an exclusive reliance on file-based video ingestion, including law enforcement agencies, safe & smart cities, stadiums, single site businesses, and critical infrastructure or utilities.

BriefCam Nexus

Multi-Site Architecture

Building upon the Standalone Architecture, the BriefCam Nexus solution introduces a Multi-Site Architecture option for enterprises with several locations. With a dedicated Hub for centralized alerts and business intelligence, BriefCam Nexus empowers operators to derive and leverage site-specific intelligence to assess performance, identify trends, guide investments, and base future decisions on data-driven insights.

Centralized Alert Management:
Amplify situational awareness, promote proactive response, and empower smart decision-making by aggregating real-time alerts and managing watchlists for each site in a centralized hub. Make sense of alerts from across the globe with Time Zone support, clearly presenting Hub and Site alert times.

Aggregated Business Intelligence:
Draw insights, drive decision-making, and deliver impactful business results by segmenting and analyzing aggregated data from multiple branches or sites. Analyze site performance by centrally accessing any site and comprehensively evaluating your business by comparing data across all sites or selected ones.

Effortless Implementation & Expansion:
BriefCam in a Box pre-configured hardware offerings, currently available in North America, enable BriefCam Nexus with compact and space-saving boxes that are scalable to your evolving business needs. Easily add additional sites with a simplified ordering and installation process.