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Review Video Fast

Review Hours of Video in Minutes or Even Seconds With Video Synopsis®

Changing the Way Video is Reviewed

BriefCam® invented and owns the worldwide patents for the VIDEO SYNOPSIS® solution, an innovative approach that allows organizations to review hours of video in minutes, sometimes seconds.

The VIDEO SYNOPSIS tool superimposes objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times, with the ability to link back to original video.

The result?  Review hours of video in minutes, sometimes seconds.

Video Synopsis

Original Video: 30 Minutes
Video Synopsis: 53 Seconds

VIDEO SYNOPSIS simultaneously displays events that have occurred at different times

Smart Synopsis

Women Wearing Blue
Bikes Travelling South

Smart Synopsis fuses Deep Learning and Computer Vision enabling the review of hours of video in seconds!

"By delegating video review tasks to BriefCam, we are able to more quickly understand security incidents and trends throughout the region. The ability to accelerate investigations saves our law enforcement tremendous research and investigation time – especially in cases with large volumes of video footage to review."