Differentiated License Plate Recognition Technology

Fully Integrated License Plate Recognition

Designed especially for “in the wild” surveillance scenarios, BriefCam’s differentiated license plate recognition enables organizations to leverage existing surveillance infrastructure to detect and track license plates in video for rapidly pinpointing vehicles of interest, managing scalable watchlists, powerfully configuring rule-based alerts and visualizing behavior patterns for traffic analysis and optimization.

Extensible Platform Capability

License Plate Recognition as part of an innovative and extensible Video Content Analytics platform, enables a robust portfolio of fully integrated video analytics capabilities

Maximize Your Video Surveillance Investments

Utilize existing surveillance infrastructure to transform video into actionable intelligence

Visualize & Analyze Vehicle Behavior

Transform surveillance video into intelligence with dashboard visualizations and heatmaps for demonstrating behavioral patterns and driving traffic optimization

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) is a way to extract a vehicle’s license plate number from a video and transform it into a textual, searchable string. This allows the identification of vehicles of interest for use across all BriefCam modules: REVIEW, RESPOND and RESEARCH.

  • Search for vehicles and license plates by manually entering the full or partial plate number or based on a watchlist
  • Set real-time rule-based alerts for detected license plates included or excluded from configured watchlists
  • Measure vehicle speeds by correlating distances between cameras with license plate identification, and visualizing speeding and traffic patterns in dashboards and reports

Want To Learn More?

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