Responsible Use of Technology

Transforming Video Into Actionable Intelligence Ethically & Responsibly

Video Analytic technology has significant public safety benefits, and it is BriefCam’s expectation that users apply technology in accordance with applicable laws and while upholding civil rights. We are committed to protecting privacy, preventing abuses, and the ethical and responsible use of surveillance technologies.

As with any public safety solution, there is a need to ensure the proper balance between privacy, data protection, and security through transparency and proper guidelines for the deployment and use. BriefCam’s technology is intended to enable both private and public sectors to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security, and operational decision making from their video content.

BriefCam supports the need for regulation around the use of facial recognition capabilities, especially when it comes to public safety use cases to protect the personal freedom of individuals and ensure the technology is utilized responsibly and ethically.

BriefCam encourages users of its technology to develop internal guidelines and policies for the proper use of video analytic capabilities, including face recognition – even ahead of future regulation or government policy. These guidelines must be clear, transparent, and easy to understand.

BriefCam prohibits licensees to make any use prohibited by any applicable law or for any purpose prohibited by any applicable law.