Rapid Review & Search

Get to the Point…Fast

View Hours of Video in Minutes

Too many hours of video and not enough eyes to review? Looking for something specific in your video, but can’t search it?

BriefCam’s unique fusion of computer vision and Deep Learning technologies, together with its patented Synopsis® application, enables video investigators to review hours of video in just minutes and rapidly pinpoint people and objects of interest.

Quickly search and filter objects and events of interest by:

Appearance, e.g. Person, Gender, Vehicle Type, Animal, Bag, Color, Size etc

Behavior, e.g. Speed, Path, Direction, etc.

Area, e.g. Inclusion or Exclusion

 Rapid Review And Search

Area and Path

Attributes and Color

Watch hours of videos in minutes and pinpoint people and objects of interest by their attributes.

Expanding the Scope of Video Investigations


The ability to review more video before and/or after a crime with the same resources in less time


The ability to review more camera coverage across a larger radius around the crime scene with the same resources


The ability to detect and inspect details that could not have been discovered otherwise


BriefCam’s breakthrough technology detects, tracks, extracts and recognizes people or objects from video, helping you get to what matters fast! By extracting the content of interest and expediting review, one person can now do the work of ten — with more successful results.

BriefCam’s technology is providing game-changing efficiency and effectiveness for Law Enforcement agencies and major Enterprises globally.

“Everything from the quality of their patented Synopsis presentation layer to their advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities is cutting-edge. These unique capabilities enable us to offer our customers the best-of-breed video analytics solution”

– Koichi Mikami, Vice President and Group Executive, Canon Marketing Japan