Video Analytics Solutions for Post-event Investigations

Accelerate the Time to Target for Law Enforcement

Advancing Post-event Investigations for Law Enforcement

BriefCam, recognized for its role in helping investigate the Boston Marathon Bombing, has proven time and again that its technology is an invaluable asset for post-event investigations. It helps law enforcement as well as public and private security agencies to achieve a radically faster time to target by enabling rapid review and search of volumes of video that would otherwise be impossible. As a result, BriefCam has become the de facto standard for police departments in over 40 countries.

Most law enforcement agencies – large or small – turn to video surveillance footage as the first line of investigation. BriefCam’s ability to ingest video from disparate sources – both cameras and files, and search across them all, quickly provides clues for investigators. The ability to start searching without knowing exactly what you are looking for is a breakthrough paradigm for post-event investigations, and investigators can now afford to review video even if the chances of the subject being present are small.

Solving Previously Unsolvable Cases

Investigators are using BriefCam to solve crimes they could never have solved before. In a Hartford Police Department investigation of a fatal shooting at a nightclub, there were no leads except for witness descriptions of the suspect and the vehicle.

With BriefCam, the HPD searched days of video prior to the incident to identify similar vehicles and then zoom in to see the driver’s face. In this case, they matched the suspect and the vehicle, using video that was taken at a red light hours before the crime.

Based on this information, the HPD was able to get a search warrant, swab the suspect for DNA, and confirm a DNA match to evidence from the crime scene. Without the ability to rapidly search days of footage from multiple nearby cameras, this suspect would not have been caught.


By leveraging a unique fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Video Synopsis technologies, BriefCam enables police departments, public and private security agencies, to multiply their investigative force and transform video surveillance footage into actionable intelligence.

With BriefCam, law enforcement agencies can:

  • Process and search video from both networked police cameras and private surveillance systems to support investigations
  • Investigate ten times faster with rapid review & search, and review six to ten surveillance sites in less time than one classic surveillance operation
  • Rapidly pinpoint people and vehicles, across multiple cameras, by their attributes such as gender, type, size, color, direction and speed to quickly identify and catch suspects
  • Receive real-time notifications of critical security, safety, and operational events using smart alerts


BriefCam does not require new cameras or video management software, it integrates with existing Video Management Systems and uses video from any camera to provide immediate benefits. Analog, IP, panoramic, standard definition, 1080, 4K, IR illuminated, Thermal, and PTZ cameras are all supported.

Courts require police departments to submit the raw watermarked video to ensure there is no tampering. When searching video with BriefCam, events can be bookmarked and the bookmarks are automatically transferred to the VMS. With one simple click, the user can view the same bookmarked spot in the VMS and prepare evidence for court. This simple interaction eliminates the need to upload and download information between BriefCam and the VMS, improving investigation efficiency and productivity.

“Video from inside the vehicle, along with a series of public and private cameras on the North side of the city, allowed investigators to track the subject’s movement backwards to where they came from prior to the attack, which ultimately led to their identification.“
Jonathan H. Lewin
Chief of the Bureau of Technical Services, Chicago Police Department