Planning & Research

Leveraging Video for Big Data

Quantitative Analysis of Video Data

Imagine being able to quantify the insights from your video surveillance system, and them leverage them as part of your decision support systems. Now you can!

As BriefCam processes video it extracts, classifies, and catalogs ancillary information of the objects it detects such as gender, children, animals, vehicles, color, size, speed and direction. By leveraging this aggregated video analytic metadata and the embedded BI platform, users can perform quantitative analysis, extract actionable insights from their video, and visualize them within customizable dashboards and reports.

Tracking people and vehicle movement patterns over time, trending demographic segmentations, identifying hotspots and running A/B tests are some of the innovative ways BriefCam is being used to transform video into actionable intelligence.


Businesses and law enforcement agencies globally are using BriefCam’s analytics to change the way their organizations address some of their toughest challenges, including:

  • Tracking crowd demographics, size and movement patterns
  • Identifying crime hotspots
  • Designing more profitable retail floor plans
  • Uncovering optimal store locations
  • Optimizing traffic flow at major interchanges
  • Tracking employee compliance with safety regulations

“BriefCam goes beyond supporting our crime reduction initiatives. It has proven to be invaluable for planning pedestrian and bike pathways to increase safety, and evaluating traffic patterns to find the best locations for events, restaurants and retail stores. BriefCam is helping us combine security with a smart approach to city planning to drive positive change and economic growth.”

Sergeant Johnmichael O’Hare
Hartford Connecticut Police Department