Optimize Traffic Flow With Video Analytics

Guide Visitors to Safe and Efficient Routes

Identifying Traffic Hotspots

Whether it is on the highway or in the parking lot, on the warehouse floor or in a retail store, on a campus or in a stadium, with BriefCam organizations can now quantify and classify the number and type of vehicles and visitors, discover their movement patterns, identify hotspots, maximize space utilization, and optimize traffic flows.

BriefCam’s Deep Learning technology detects and classifies the vehicle-type and how it moves in relation to other vehicles, people and animals. BriefCam currently detects and classifies the following vehicle types:











Understanding Behavior and Movement

BriefCam helps law enforcement and city planners professionals easily track the behavior of motorists and people at intersections, analyze the number of vehicles making illegal U-turns or turning from the wrong lane, detect vehicles stopping in areas impacting traffic flow, understand the effect of large vehicles on congested areas, and much more.

Leveraging Quantitative Insights

By aggregating data over time, BriefCam provides quantitative insights about the efficiency of pedestrian paths or bike lanes, street or parking lot patterns, and where to add a new light or crosswalk. Organizations can finally unlock the data trends they have buried in their surveillance data to optimize the safety and efficiency of their motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

“Everything from the quality of their patented Synopsis presentation layer to their advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities is cutting-edge. These unique capabilities enable us to offer our customers the best-of-breed video analytics solution”
Koichi Mikami
Vice President and Group Executive, Canon Marketing Japan