Nvidia technology accelerates
performance and precision

Exponentially Accelerating Performance & Precision

Enabling Optimized Deep Learning Frameworks

NVIDIA, known for breaking new ground and re-defining advanced computer graphics, offers advanced GPGPU technologies. BriefCam’s products harness the GPU for video decoding, rendering and encoding as well as for Deep Learning training and inference in order to exponentially accelerate video processing and deliver breakthrough video analytics. By running BriefCam on the NVIDIA GPU platform customers benefit from:

  •   Analyzing more video
  •   Delivering actionable insights faster
  •   Extracting richer metadata

For more information on the NVIDIA partnership and how our companies are unleashing the power of video, read our press release or visit NVIDIA.com.

“Instead of having to watch endless hours of nothing happening, BriefCam automatically finds the portion of the footage
that shows something happening.”

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