Overcome the Disruptive Effects of Crime

The Key to Spending Smart to Reduce Crime and Drive Community Policing [REPLAY]


When cities and law enforcement consider the impact of crime, they often overlook the staggering long-term economic effects crime can have on a city. From the costs of preventing crime to responding to it when it occurs and then the emotional, physical and financial toll of each incident on the victims, local society, the criminal justice system and law enforcement, the effects of crime are devastating. They can be even more severe when crime goes unsolved.

Alongside efforts to promote community policing, cities and law enforcement need to consider how to reduce crime to maintain the public’s trust in the police, improve quality of life in the city and ensure long-term economic growth by making the city an inviting place to live, visit or conduct business. This webinar will delve into the various costs – financial and otherwise – of crime and demonstrate how cities can maximize their technology investments.


Tim Convery Tim Convery
Sales Director, Law Enforcement
Justin Lott Justin Lott
Sales Director, Federal