Accelerating Investigations with REVIEW

This video provides an extensive overview of the REVIEW module of BriefCam’s comprehensive Video Content Analytics Platform: Quickly search and filter objects and events of interest by men, women, children, vehicles, proximity identification and lighting changes with speed and precision, using 28 classes and attributes, in addition to face recognition, license plate recognition, appearance similarity, color, size, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, providing an ever increasing and powerful set of distinct search combinations.

BriefCam’s  unmatched detection and extraction accuracy dramatically improves post-event investigation productivity by pinpointing people and objects of interest with speed and precision. In addition, by presenting objects that have appeared at different times within the video simultaneously, BriefCam VIDEO SYNOPSIS® enables the review of hours of video in minutes, dramatically increasing investigation productivity.

In this video:
* Learn about the REVIEW module and how it can be used to accelerate investigations and manage cases
* Explore the comprehensive set of video search filters that can be used and combined to pinpoint objects of interest with speed and precision across cameras and video feeds
* Discover VIDEO SYNOPSIS, BriefCam’s patented technology for reviewing hours of video in minutes
* Understand how the REVIEW module is complementary to the RESPOND and RESEARCH modules within BriefCam’s platform