Loss Prevention Video Surveillance Software for Retail

Speed Investigations. Stop Shrinkage.

Caught In The Act

Inventory losses from employee theft and shoplifting cost retailers alone almost $48.9 billion last year. BriefCam helps organizations catch shoplifters, identify employee theft and stop shrinkage. When inventory counts reveal missing items from a certain section of the store or warehouse, customers use BriefCam to rapidly search weeks of video, focusing on specific areas, to identify suspects. The time taken to normally review weeks of video, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for, often results in actions like these not being caught in regular investigations.

“BriefCam sorts through the metadata and finds the footage on our servers… We can find the answers very fast –a stolen car or a missing child just using details like the colour of a shirt or hat.”
City Council Spokesman
Ipswich Australia