Frequently Asked Questions
BriefCam Product Questions, answered

What are the various BriefCam Alert types?

BriefCam’s RESPOND module helps you receive Real-Time Alerts, Smart Alerts and People Counting alerts for critical events to increase safety and security with proactive responses.

  • Real-Time Alerts, based on face recognition, vehicles, people of interest, count-based, and specific camera viewing area-based, will alert you within 5 seconds of the event occurring.
  • Smart Alerts, based on the full suite of BriefCam filtering capabilities, will alert you within 30-60 seconds of the event occurring.
  • People Counting Alerts take a snapshot every few minutes of one frame and count the people in the whole frame or in a defined area. These alerts are ideal for queue counting and for counting people in crowds and people that are not moving a lot.