BriefCam v5

Next Generation Video Content Analytics Platform


BriefCam v5 introduces breakthrough new capabilities across all three of the platform’s seamlessly integrated modules, delivering a powerful approach to making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. The new version enables customers to rapidly realize both the security and business value their surveillance system can provide by innovatively harnessing the process-once-use-many paradigm throughout the platform.


No more countless hours behind a screen watching endless footage. Review hours of video in minutes and pinpoint people and objects of interest immediately.

BriefCam Analytics Screens

File & VMS Video Sources
Analyze video from both VMS and file-based sources.

Case Management
Organize all video assets of an investigation in a single container, bookmarks objects of interest, and summarizes case findings (including all relevant exhibits) in an exportable report, streamlining investigation workflows.

Video Synopsis
Extracts objects from the original video and efficiently reconstructs and superimposes them back in the original scene, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times. The result is a dramatically shorter video segment that fully preserves the viewer’s ability to analyze the scene.

Multi-Camera Search
Rapidly pinpoint people and vehicles of interest, using an extensive range of appearance and movement filters, across multiple video sources.

Appearance Similarity & Face Recognition
Rapidly locate people, vehicles and items of interest by searching for similar looking objects or by using face recognition.

Filter Presets
Save filter states for later reference and retrieval.


Leverage quantitative analysis of video data to make informed data-driven decisions. By leveraging this aggregated video analytic metadata, and the embedded BI platform, users can perform quantitative analysis, extract actionable insights from their video, and visualize them within customizable dashboards and reports.

BriefCam v5 Screens

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Platform
Dynamically visualize key performance indicators derived from extracted video objects and their classification.

Trend Analysis
Compare visitor, pedestrian, and traffic patterns of any desired timeframe, i.e. days, months, years, to spot trends, outliers and insights.

Custom Dimensions
Define camera-specific dimensions that enable advanced, detailed analysis of KPIs:

  • Area: Count Quantify the number of objects entering one or more user-defined 3- or 4-sides polygon areas. Support for both included or excluded areas.
  • Path: Quantify the number of objects traveling along one or more user-defined paths.
  • Funnel: Quantify the number of objects traveling between a user-defined series of areas.
  • Duration: Quantify the number of objects dwelling for a user-defined defined period of time within an area or along a path.

Dashboard Library
Out-of-the-box, extensible library of vertical-specific dashboards  for quick and easy onboarding.

Rapidly Customizable Dashboards
Easy to use, intuitive interface for rapidly customizing and creating new insightful dashboards  for specific personas and use cases.

Flexible  Scheduling
Schedule continuous, daily, weekly, monthly or one-time dashboard generation for any VMS video source.


Reactive becomes proactive. Too late becomes just-in-time. Get near real-time notification of critical events impacting your organization. Increase safety and security with a proactive response to critical events.

BriefCam Profiling

Customizable Alerts
Generate near-real-time alerts based on any supported search and filter criteria.

Alert Reports
Summarizes daily alerts in a short Video Synopsis.

Chrome Notifications
Sends notifications to a Google Chrome browser.

VMS Integration
Send alerts to the VMS alarms area (Genetec Security Center only).

BriefCam Platform Editions