Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
January 16th, 2024
Author: Tristan Foro

BriefCam Bytes: BriefCam Nexus

Unprecedented Enterprise Insight

While the release of 2024 M1 introduces new software features like Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) to our comprehensive solution ecosystem, it also expands the reach of BriefCam powered video insights with a new deployment architecture: BriefCam Nexus. BriefCam Nexus empowers multi-site, enterprise, and federal organizations to maximize cross-organizational visibility like never before. Nexus consolidates comprehensive video intelligence in a single pane of glass by centralizing alerts, enabling watchlist management, and aggregating business intelligence from multiple locations or sites.

About BriefCam Nexus

The BriefCam Nexus solution is comprised of single sites equipped with BriefCam’s foundational modules – REVIEW, RESPOND, and RESEARCH – with the addition of a centralized BriefCam Hub that includes a new SITES module. SITES allows users to manage, access, and add new sites to a network. Enterprises and Federal agencies choose BriefCam Nexus for its ability to extract valuable insights and data-driven transparency from every location in their network, granting leadership and executives access to unprecedented, site-specific data to guide investments and strategic decisions.



Streamlined and Accelerated Investigations

Like the traditional BriefCam Platform, each individual site user can leverage REVIEW to pinpoint objects and events of interest to advance investigations and powerfully accelerate time-to-target. Hub users, operating from a central location, have the ability to access and review cases from individual sites. This streamlined process not only enhances collaboration but also significantly reduces investigation time.

Amplified Situational Awareness

The Nexus multi-site solution elevates situational awareness and delivers real-time critical intelligence across all your locations with RESPOND. RESPOND is the module from our comprehensive platform that enables real-time alerts, powered by advanced object classification and recognition filters. With the Hub, users can effortlessly oversee alerts at individual sites or consolidate real-time alerts from all sites – with timestamps adjusted according to time zone –providing centralized alert management.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Utilizing RESEARCH to visualize aggregated video data, including object movement, interactions, hotspots, and demographic segmentations empowers enterprise users to transform video footage from each site into actionable insights. By viewing this expansive data in a single pane of glass, intelligence can be leveraged for strategic decision-making and operational optimization across the organization and at every location.

A Continued Commitment to Impact

BriefCam is committed to delivering impactful, accurate, and flexible video analytics applications, no matter the size of your business. Gain cross-site insights into visitor demographics, foot traffic patterns, navigation trends, and more. Explore metrics like unique, return, and bounced traffic to inform key operational and business decisions. Empowers intelligent planning, KPI tracking, and data-driven analysis, to visualize top-performing sites and enable thorough, enterprise-level, big data examination. Our valued customers can now seamlessly aggregate and compare data across multiple locations with BriefCam Nexus.

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