Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
January 23rd, 2024
Author: Tristan Foro

BriefCam Bytes: Vehicle Make and Model Recognition

Identifying Vehicles by Make and Model

While our 2024 M1 release debuted a number of exciting products such as BriefCam Nexus for multi-site enterprises, it also introduced new software solutions like Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) to our Linux-based infrastructure. Vehicle Make and Model Recognition is the ability to recognize the make and model of a vehicle based on visual characteristics. Whether for law enforcement investigations as well as operational or marketing intelligence, VMMR is a powerful tool that delivers crucial information about vehicles passing through a monitored area.

VMMR for Investigations

Video analytics plays a pivotal role in helping accelerate investigations with advanced filtering capabilities that make pinpointing specific vehicles involved in incidents — ranging from crime, accidents, and abductions – easier. VMMR enhances this process by empowering officers with an additional search criteria for efficiently filtering through video footage based on a vehicle’s specific Make – such as Ford, Toyota, and Tesla – and/or Model – like Fusion, Corolla, and 3. This targeted approach significantly reduces the volume of objects investigators need to sort through, empowering them to save critical time and focus all their effort and resources on data relevant to their cases. Additionally, with BriefCam, you can pair VMMR with VIDEO SYNOPSIS® so each filtered vehicle is directly linked to the original video clip, providing investigators a comprehensive view of all interactions involving the vehicles under investigation.

VMMR for Real-Time Response

VMMR can also be leveraged to enhance real-time situational awareness. BriefCam operators can configure rule-based alerts that trigger whenever a vehicle’s Make or Model is detected. In practice, system operators can add specific Makes or Model to a predefined watchlist that will prompt an immediate alert whenever they are identified in a video feed. Conversely, an operator can set up a list of allowed vehicles and establish a rule to be alerted when an unrecognized vehicle enters a pre-defined area. Both of these alerts can be set across multiple cameras to help officers improve their situational awareness and response times when vehicles of interest are detected in an environment.

VMMR for Business Intelligence

While investigative and real-time capabilities are always front of mind when it comes to security solutions, VMMR can also be leveraged for critical business intelligence. Using BriefCam’s RESEARCH module, municipal and law enforcement users can aggregate vehicle Make and Model data into dynamic dashboards and visualizations. By visualizing make and model metadata, users gain insight into the types of vehicles on the road and valuable perspectives on traffic flow and congestion hotspots, data crucial for urban planning and infrastructure development. Visualization of VMMR data is also useful in a marketing context: By understanding the top vehicle Makes and Models in an area can help businesses tailor advertising efforts to target specific demographics. Additionally, users can also track trends over time, unveiling shifts in the prevalence of different vehicle Makes and Models and providing key insights into consumer preferences and buying trends.

VMMR for Driving Continued Value

BriefCam is committed to the continued delivery of impactful, accurate, and flexible video analytics applications, and VMMR is just one way we are delivering continued value to you. VMMR enhances and complements our already robust License Plate Recognition capabilities and empowers you to derive more impact from your video content.

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