BriefCam Ecosystem Evolution

The Evolving BriefCam Video
Analytics Solution Ecosystem

BriefCam 2024 Releases: Discover What’s New in Versions M1 & R2

Welcome to 2024 M1 & R2, the latest versions of BriefCam’s complete and comprehensive Video Analytics Platform.

Designed to support the evolving needs of growing and scaling end user organizations, 2024 M1 is replete with new video analytic capabilities, the BriefCam Nexus multi-site video analysis solution, enhanced deployment architectures, and expanded VMS integrations – in addition to recently released BriefCam in a Box streamlined and scalable hardware and software packages for efficient video processing. 2024 R2 brings users a new analytics dimension with maps, an additional crowd counting algorithm for comprehensive crowd management, and dynamic GPU allocation for lower total cost of ownership.

BriefCam 2024 M1 & R2 represent the continued evolution of BriefCam’s industry-leading technology and the expansion of our solution ecosystem to meet the needs of communities and companies of all sizes.

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Enhanced Investigation with a New Video Analytics Dimension


Investigate efficiently and effectively by holistically visualizing the geographical location of source cameras and video files on a map. Leverage camera coordinates to search the map for a specific address, easily add cameras to a case, and identify persons and vehicles of interest across multiple locations. Available within REVIEW, the forensic search module of BriefCam’s comprehensive platform.


Crowd Counting

Optimized Oversight for Any Business


Leverage Crowd Counting to understand historic and real-time crowd size and density trends to make informed decisions for real-time response, contingency planning, and guest experience enhancements. Improve operations by efficiently utilizing space and effectively allocating security, maintenance, and guest service personnel based on crowd distribution, size, and pattern data.


Dynamic GPU Allocation

Processing Prioritization to Maximize Intelligent Video Investments


Dynamically allocate GPU resources to optimize efficiency, maximize hardware investments, and reduce total cost of system ownership (TCO). Defining camera weight and priority enables you to strategically assign real-time processing tasks for the most critical monitored spaces.

BriefCam Nexus

Unprecedented Enterprise Insights


Maximize visibility across your business like never before, by consolidating comprehensive video surveillance intelligence in a single pane of glass. BriefCam Nexus empowers you to amplify situational awareness and drive data-powered decision making for maximum impact across multiple locations in your enterprise organization. Empower smart staffing, promote proactive response, and increase effectiveness of investigations with aggregated real-time alerts, watchlist management, and video data visualization for each site from a centralized hub.


Face Recognition Flexibility

Compliant Visibility. Uncompromised Accuracy


Support your organization’s compliance with evolving regulatory needs, while leveraging the power of video analytics for driving video search, alerting, and data visualization. BriefCam’s comprehensive software can now be licensed completely excluding Face Recognition or limiting Face Recognition capabilities to the REVIEW module for investigative face matching and video search.


Vehicle Make and Model Recognition

Enhanced Analytics. New Innovation.


Drive effective and efficient video search, alerting, and data visualization with BriefCam’s newest video metadata filter that identifies the vehicle brand and model in video to improve pinpointing suspicious vehicles, managing road traffic, and enhancing security and investigations based on an ever-expanding vehicle database.