Embracing Technology Partnerships To Deliver Comprehensive Solutions


Given the breadth of potential use cases across industry verticals, BriefCam embraces the creation of technology partnerships to enable full access and utilization of its technology and solutions.

BriefCam has architected its platform to ensure seamless integration with complementary technologies such as Video Management Systems (VMS), Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM), Command & Control Systems (C&C), and Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solutions.

Three primary integration points

Video Management Systems

BriefCam uses different streaming and file fetching techniques depending on the VMS software architecture, and supports analysis of both live and archived video footage.

Embedded Client SDK

BriefCam offers an SDK to easily embed the BriefCam .Net, Web and Mobile viewers into Partner applications.


BriefCam offers different sets of APIs enabling seamless management, configuration and data access with and from other systems.

Got an interesting technology that will enable high value to customers? Let’s talk technical.

“Using the Access Control System unified with Genetec Security Center, together with BriefCam, can protect people, keep them where they need to be within our airport. So if you were to receive an alarm, it would automatically populate that camera in that location with Genetec Security Center. And within that, you can use BriefCam to slim it down, save you time and still keep people safe.”

-Bryan Moore, ABIA, Telecommunications Supervisor