Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
April 23rd, 2024
Author: Tristan Foro

Analytics Insights: ISC West 2024 Take Aways

Another successful ISC West event has come to a close, giving us much to think about regarding trends and themes for the year ahead. It was particularly exciting to see the introduction and growth of innovative and pivotal shifts in the application of video analytics. Let’s dig into some analytics insights and take aways from ISC West 2024.

1. Demos of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Video Analytics

For the first time, we observed video analytics providers demonstrating the utilization of large language models (LLMs) to search across generated metadata. When people think of LLMs, they commonly associate them with models like ChatGPT. However, in the video analytics domain, LLMs enable users to search for objects or content across videos using a more extensive vocabulary. In the demonstration, we observed LLMs being utilized not only to search across videos but also to generate alerts. While there were some errors with the searches returning unexpected objects or results, these projects were in early or beta stages at these early adopters. We anticipate that it will take a few years before LLMs are fully integrated into video analytics solutions and are utilized in production.

2. Focusing on Analytics

While analytics have historically been viewed as an “add-on” product in the video surveillance industry, they have now evolved into an integral component of comprehensive offerings. Increasingly, we see VMS, access control, and camera providers integrating analytics into their solutions driven by the availability and commoditization of solutions from vendors like NVIDIA. While it’s exciting to see the industry embracing the importance of analytics with new and diverse offerings, this integration trend does not diminish the significance of standalone video analytics providers like BriefCam. For standalone video analytics suppliers, this presents an opportunity to showcase the additional features and benefits that a dedicated video analytics company can offer.

3. Moving “Beyond Security”

We’re witnessing a notable trend of organizations shifting “beyond security,” as echoed by industry analysts, partners, and end-users alike. A recurring theme we’ve encountered is that while security teams recognize the value video analytics, they often encounter challenges in persuading other departments within their organizations—such as operations, marketing, and leadership teams—to allocate additional budget toward the necessary technology investments. Over the past few years, we’ve been actively advocating for this paradigm shift through our RESEARCH module and NEXUS solution. Our aim is to demonstrate that video analytics transcends traditional safety and alert functions, empowering users to transform metadata into actionable insights for their businesses, organizations, and communities. These entities have already made investments in their video surveillance infrastructure and are now seeking to leverage these investments by harnessing the metadata generated for diverse applications. Looking ahead, we anticipate that the business and operational intelligence aspects of video analytics will outpace the growth of traditional safety and security applications in the years to come.

We are eager to see these trends take shape and look forward to seeing everyone at future events. Unable to attend ISC West and see what’s new with BriefCam? Check out our new 2024 M1 & R2 releases for exciting new features like Maps and enhanced crowd management: