Video Analytics for Law Enforcement

Accelerate the Time to Target

Optimizing Investigations With Video Content Analytics

Video surveillance always has been a critical component in enabling security and ensuring public safety: from security personnel monitoring live feeds to prevent incidents to officers combing through recordings for video evidence to support investigations. With the introduction of Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology, the value of video footage has become exponentially greater. The ability to efficiently and effectively review and analyze video is a gamechanger for law enforcement and private security agencies.

Video analytics solutions are enabling safety and security agencies to realize the full value of their video surveillance resources and enhance safety, security and overall business operations.


Most law enforcement agencies – large or small – turn to video surveillance footage as the first line of investigation. BriefCam’s ability to ingest video from disparate sources – both cameras and files, and search across them all, quickly provides clues for investigators. The ability to start searching without knowing exactly what you are looking for is a breakthrough paradigm for post-event investigations, and investigators can now afford to review video even if the chances of the subject being present are small.

Safe and Smart Cities

BriefCam helps streamline law enforcement operations in numerous ways, from tracking and identifying suspects to proactive crime prevention. Officers are leveraging BriefCam by using the heat map surveillance features to identify crime hot spots, track activity levels, and create strategic action plans. With BriefCam, Detectives no longer need to camp outside suspected drug distribution spots, but can now leverage covert cameras and then search hours of video within minutes and rapidly confirm their suspicions.

Traffic Optimization

Easily track the behavior of motorists and people at intersections, analyze the number of vehicles making illegal U-turns or turning from the wrong lane, detect vehicles stopping in areas impacting traffic flow, understand the effect of large vehicles on congested areas, and much more. Quantify and qualify the number and type of vehicles and visitors, discover their movement patterns, identify hotspots, maximize space utilization, and optimize traffic flows.

How It Works

As BriefCam processes raw video, it simultaneously:

  • Understands the context of the entire scene and its background
  • Detects, tracks, extracts, and classifies every object
  • Creates a structured database of information out of the unstructured video data for granular search, comprehensive report and smart alerting

Review and Search

BriefCam’s unique fusion of computer vision and Deep Learning technologies, together with its patented Synopsis® application, enables video investigators to review hours of video in just minutes and rapidly pinpoint people and objects of interest.

Quickly search and filter objects and events of interest by:

  • Appearance, e.g. Person, Adult, Child, Gender, Vehicle Type, Animal, Bag, Color, Size etc
  • Behavior, e.g. Speed, Path, Direction, Dwell Time etc.
  • Area, e.g. Inclusion or Exclusion

Proactive Response

BriefCam provides the ability to trigger a call to action, bringing relevant events to the forefront and allowing quick review by those individuals who can provide an accurate assessment.

All this technology is packaged into an easy to use, powerful video analytics solution that transforms video surveillance into actionable intelligence.

Video Surveillance Software for Police Case Study

Hartford Police Video Analytics

Solving Previously Unsolvable Crimes

The Hartford PD is using BriefCam to solve crimes it could never have solved before.

After a fatal shooting at a nightclub, the only lead was witness descriptions of the suspect and the vehicle. With BriefCam, the HPD searched days of video prior to the incident to identify similar vehicles, and then zoom in to see the driver’s face. They matched the suspect and the vehicle, using video that was taken at a red light hours before the crime. Based on this information, the HPD was able to get a search warrant, swab the suspect for DNA, and confirm a DNA match to evidence from the crime scene. Without the ability to rapidly search days of footage from multiple nearby cameras, this suspect might not have been caught.

Hartford Police Case Study

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