Protecting Residents & Driving Economic Growth

Protecting What Matters Most

From securing cities such as Boston, Buenos Aires and Brussels, to protecting national landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Waterloo, the Old City of Jerusalem and the Empire State building, BriefCam is helping local law enforcement protect what matters most. In fact, the busiest convention center in the heart of the USA’s most densely populated city reported a 60% reduction (quote from javits) in crime after implementing BriefCam.

These cities, together with their law enforcement agencies, all face the same difficult challenge of protecting their residents, supporting local business, and developing strategies to decrease crime. Driving economic growth and attracting new businesses and visitors starts with reducing the crime rate, but law enforcement is always operating on a very tight budget.

BriefCam helps streamline law enforcement operations in numerous ways, from tracking and identifying suspects to proactive crime prevention. Officers are leveraging BriefCam by using the heat map surveillance features to identify crime hot spots, track activity levels, and create strategic action plans. With BriefCam, Detectives no longer need to camp outside suspected drug distribution spots, but can now leverage covert cameras and then search hours of video within minutes and rapidly confirm their suspicions.

A vision for the future

Police forces have reported that with BriefCam they can surveil six to ten locations using the same detective hours it previously required for a single stake-out. When it comes to Safe City implementations however, BriefCam is about more than solving crime, it is about how technology can transform a city by optimizing both safety and operational efficiencies. Learn about how The Hartford PD is using BriefCam to help revitalize their city by harnessing the power of video for smart, proactive planning.

“BriefCam has proven to be invaluable for planning pedestrian and bike pathways to increase safety, and evaluating traffic patterns to find the best locations for events, restaurants and retail stores. BriefCam is helping us combine security with a smart approach to city planning to drive positive change and economic growth.”

– Sergeant Johnmichael O’Hare, Hartford Connecticut Police Department

Urban Planning

Major cities around the globe are looking at ways that technology can impact our way of life in urban areas. From city planning and transportation to safety and security organizations, cities are preparing for the tech-enabled future – and leveraging existing investments in a whole new way.

Taking advantage of the video surveillance systems deployed throughout these metropolitan areas, Smart Cities are unlocking the treasure trove of value in their video systems and are breaking new ground by:

  • Analyzing event and traffic patterns to identify optimal sites for business development
  • Combining security with a smart approach to city planning to drive economic investment
  • Monitoring pedestrians and bike routes so traffic engineers can design better paths
  • Using real-time accident and traffic tracking to re-route motorists to faster or safer routes