Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
February 8th, 2024
Author: Tristan Foro

BriefCam Bytes: Vehicle Make and Model Recognition + License Plate Recognition

A Comprehensive Vehicle Recognition Solution

In our last BriefCam Bytes, we discussed the recent release of our Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) functionality. To recap, VMMR is the video analytics capability to recognize the make and model of a vehicle based on visual characteristics. While VMMR is a fresh addition to the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform, License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a tried, true, and trusted tool for BriefCam users, having been deployed in real-world surveillance scenarios for years. However, when paired, VMMR and LPR offer powerful capabilities for security and law enforcement efforts, collectively strengthening BriefCam’s comprehensive suite of video analytics solutions.

VMMR + LPR for Safety and Security

Let’s explore some of the critical applications of this technology pairing for safety and security.

1. Investigations and Policing:

In criminal investigations, investigators may not always possess all the pertinent information needed to locate a suspect. There are instances where investigators may be privy to the make and/or model of a vehicle associated with a crime but lack the license plate details. In such cases, leveraging Vehicle Make and Model Recognition, investigators can provide a critical opportunity to uncover evidence. Officers can start by filtering video feeds based on the given attributes to significantly reduce the pool of vehicles to scrutinize. Investigators can then apply LPR filtering to discern complete or partial license plate numbers. Once armed with license plate information, investigators can collaborate with relevant authorities to find addresses associated with the relevant vehicle to provide information critical to the investigation.

Moreover, by combining vehicle Makes and Models with partial or complete license plate data, investigators can proactively set up watchlists. A watchlist will trigger real-time alerts whenever a vehicle or license plate on the watchlist is recognized in a video. This enhanced situational awareness reduces response times and overall time-to-target.

2. Unauthorized Access and Identification

Combining LPR and VMMR strengthens access control and intruder detection measures. LPR is a standard access control technology commonly integrated at entry points and ensures seamless access for approved vehicles by automatically authorizing vehicle entry based on license plate numbers. In these cases, VMMR complements LPR by identifying the make and model of vehicle, creating a more comprehensive approach to access control. Any unauthorized entry attempts, flagged by unrecognized license plates or vehicle makes/models, prompt immediate real-time alerts, enabling swift response from security officers. Beyond critical real-time and post event applications, the pairing of VMMR and LPR can empower strategic planning and other critical insights. For instance, by analyzing the collected data from LPR and VMMR, operators can unveil patterns of unusual vehicle activity which can provide the information needed for data-driven security adjustments.

3. Stolen Vehicle Alerts

Car theft is on the rise in the United States with some cities reporting spikes of over 350% in vehicle thefts. Stolen vehicle license plate numbers can be added to a watchlist for real-time alerting when a vehicle enters a monitored area. In cases where thieves are removing and or swapping license plates, VMMR can be used to corroborate information about a stolen vehicle’s make and model. By deploying both LPR and VMMR, organizations can establish a robust system for stolen vehicle alerting, significantly enhancing security measures and response capabilities. This combined approach offers a more comprehensive and efficient method for identifying and recovering stolen vehicles.

A Comprehensive Vehicle Recognition Solution

License Plate Recognition is a critical video analytics capability for security and law enforcement applications. VMMR boosts this reliable tool to make it a comprehensive technology solution for vehicle recognition. VMMR and LPR empower more robust responses to stolen vehicle cases, improved controlled access of vehicles, and drives investigations even when officers aren’t afforded complete and detailed information.

To see how VMMR and LPR can be used in combination to create a comprehensive vehicle recognition solution, click below to: