Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
September 23rd, 2022
Author: Liam Galin

Top Three Takeaways from GSX 2022

BriefCam at GSX 2022

The BriefCam team just returned from the annual Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, an event dedicated to helping security professionals stay educated, connected, and aware of products, technology, and services available to the industry. At GSX, we showcased BriefCam’s real-time traffic analysis and data visualization capabilities by processing the traffic coming through our booth. Using live RESEARCH dashboards, BriefCam visualized the data into customizable dashboards to track:

  1. Booth visitor demographics
  2. Unique visitors to the booth, as well as the fluctuations in individual visits throughout each day of the event
  3. The average visit duration of the unique visitors to our booth, an indicator of engagement with our staff

These insights are similar to those derived by the Sweden Pavilion during the six months of the World Expo in Dubai. The Sweden Pavilion welcomed over 1 million visitors to their exhibit and needed to effectively track and understand visitor traffic to make critical decisions. BriefCam’s complete platform empowered the Sweden Pavilion to transform their video surveillance into actionable insights and derive operational and situational intelligence from their security solution.

Sharing these use cases with you is exhilarating because each one is a unique glimpse into the world of video analytics: a world which has, in my opinion, been tucked into the box of “security solutions” for far too long. Now, people are beginning to remove the lid, and the excitement surrounding the innovative uses for video analytics is catching. This energy was apparent at GSX and will only spread from this major security event. I want to keep the amazing momentum and excitement surrounding video analytics going by sharing my takeaways from GSX 2022.

GSX 2022 Takeaways:

Business Intelligence from Video

You might be wondering: What does business intelligence have to do with a security show? This is where it becomes interesting! Video analytics technology introduces a significant – oft overlooked – overlap between the security domain and that of efficient business operations. By capitalizing on the opportunity to leverage video surveillance content as data intelligence, multiple stakeholders within a business can drive efficiency and improve operations based on video insights.

Video content analytics software is one key example of a broader trend: the cross-organizational realization that shared infrastructure can provide greater value and variety across departmental silos. Shifting video analytics investments from security siloes – a company cost center – empowers businesses to rely on video intelligence to drive revenue generating decisions.

Business intelligence is the next frontier for video analytics and was a hot topic at GSX this year. People are not only beginning to understand that business intelligence can be derived from sensors like surveillance cameras, but that leveraging existing investments and complementing them with data-driven technologies, such as video analytics, can be impactful for business performance. Applications that once seemed like fantasy, are now gaining an actual foothold in industries like hospitality and retail for their ability to transform enormous amounts of data into operational insights and drive intelligent decision making.

Distinguishing the Established Players

As with many emerging trends, the lingo catches before comprehension, and we are seeing the same thing in the video analytics world as companies are scrambling to provide solutions that meet the demand of customers wanting to level up their business intelligence. Therefore, it is critical to distinguish the established players from the new entrants – in this crowded space there are experienced providers that can deliver on the promise of video analysis and newcomers that have a compelling vision but are still tweaking their technology to meet actual market demands.

Companies who read the cards and have already developed video analytics solutions for diverse applications have understood what is now fully apparent to all players: the future of video analytics is reaching far beyond the security domain. Tried-and-true solutions that help law enforcement accelerate investigations are also helping hospitality users mitigate risk. Real-time alerts that enhance situational awareness for increased safety are being used by the retail industry to encourage customer engagement. I can’t wait to see what we can do when the world adopts video analytics for data-driven business intelligence.

GSX is Back in Action

It was a privilege to attend this years’ conference, where . I experienced active participation  – hitting almost pre-covid numbers. The excitement of meeting in-person once again was palpable. It was motivating to see the security world waking up from the Pandemic, and we’re already looking forward to the next industry events.

Will you be at IACP in October? We hope to see you there! Register here for a demo with the BriefCam team at the show.