Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
April 4th, 2024
Author: Tristan Foro

BriefCam Bytes: Maps

Your Virtual Investigation Command Center 

If you’ve ever found yourself engrossed in a crime TV show, you’ve likely witnessed the classic scene: a detective, in front of a cluttered corkboard pinned with images, notes, and maps. Although analog, this method helps investigators visualize and organize the extensive information relevant to their cases.

But what if you could take that concept to the next level with video?

Enter BriefCam Maps – a new analytic dimension that transforms and streamlines your investigative landscape. Born from the need for dynamic and intuitive investigations, BriefCam Maps serves as the virtual corkboard for today’s modern investigators and detectives.

With Maps, BriefCam simplifies complex, time consuming, and resource intensive investigations by empowering investigators to visualize the geographical location of source cameras and video files on a map. Additionally, Maps leverages GIS coordinates from your VMS to effortlessly map out camera locations so you can search for a specific address, easily add relevant cameras to a case, and identify persons and vehicles of interest across multiple locations. Even third-party video footage can be easily pinned to specific coordinates on your virtual map.

BriefCam Maps is embedded in our REVIEW module, complementing our patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS® technology and other associated features. This synergy enables users to leverage filters for precise object searches across all camera locations. With an intuitive design, cameras associated with your active cases are highlighted in blue, providing instant clarity on which cameras are relevant to your case, helping investigators easily identify where your target may be found.

Our vision for Maps is simple yet powerful: facilitate streamlined investigations and swift case resolution and become the comprehensive, mission critical solution for investigators and detectives worldwide.

Welcome to Maps – your new investigation command center. Contact us for more information today!