Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
March 21st, 2024
Author: Kara Arroyo

Analytics in Action: Slashing Crime Rates in Tlaxcala, Mexico

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Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Safety

Located in East-Central Mexico, the State of Tlaxcala is one of 32 states within the Federal Entities of Mexico. As one of Mexico’s most densely populated states, Tlaxcala was experiencing a significant increase in crime coupled with a pointed decrease in emergency response times. For this reason  – responsible for safety and security for 60 municipalities as well as managing the Control, Command, Communications, and Computing Center (C4) for the territory’s security operations and response, the Executive Commission of the State Public Security System (CESESP) significantly upgraded and expanded their video surveillance system, including deploying the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform.

Reducing Crime with Increased Situational Awareness

As vehicle and cargo thefts continued to climb and unresolved traffic accidents grew to worrying levels, it became clear that the city needed to comprehensively enhance situational awareness. To expand and upgrade the capabilities of existing security infrastructure, the CESESP added additional cameras, a new, more robust VMS, Milestone XProtect, and deployed the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. Of the BriefCam platform, Isaac Sánchez Morales, Engineer at Digital Information Systems (SDI), remarks:

“With BriefCam’s RESEARCH and RESPOND solution [modules], object characteristics and license plate recognition tools can be used to trigger rule-based alerts, which is very useful for overcoming the challenges of urban security and driving proactive policing in Tlaxcala.”

Delivering Mexico’s Lowest Crime Rate

Tlaxcala’s city-wide safety upgrade gives operators a single data feed where the entire surveillance system can be accessed, as needed. After implementation, data from the Executive Secretariat of National Public Security Systems reported that Tlaxcala had the lowest crime in all of Mexico. They saw a 93% reduction in cargo thefts from carriers, and vehicle thefts decreased by 22.5%. “We don’t miss a thing, which is priority number one when dealing with safety” explains Sánchez Morales. Intelligent video solutions truly empower communities to translate video into real-world impact.

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