Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
June 30th, 2023
Author: Kara Arroyo

Analytics in Action: Preventing an Ax Attack

Last week, a BriefCam law enforcement user quickly and dynamically thwarted a public safety threat using our real-time alerting capabilities.

During the BriefCam-led integration and training process, the end user defined alerting notification logic for a forbidden area that would trigger for suspicious behaviors. The rule quickly proved effective when operators at the command center were notified of an alarming situation. Upon receiving the alert in less than 5 seconds after a person had entered the restricted area, operators were able to assess the situation in real-time, understand the potential danger, and immediately dispatch officers to apprehend a person of interest before a devastating incident occurred: Arresting officers discovered that the suspect was carrying an ax with the intent to carry out a violent crime.

The partnership between BriefCam video analytics and law enforcement officers proves time and again to be a life-saving solution. Real-time video analytics empowers law enforcement teams to prevent horrific incidents and take proactive action to save lives.

With maximized real-time performance powered by AI-industry standard Linux-based processing, real-time alerting with BriefCam 2023 M1 is now better than ever. Schedule a demo to see how your organization can translate video into impact with real-time alerting and decision-making.