Briefcam Protect and Insights, an Extensible Video Analytics Platform

Transform Video Into Actionable Intelligence

Innovative and Extensible Video Analytics Platform

The BriefCam® comprehensive Video Content Analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance camera investments by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable. Review hours of video in minutes; respond immediately to critical situational changes in the environment; and quantitatively analyze video to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security and operational decision making, all while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency.

Solution Capabilities

The BriefCam Insights product allows for VMS video ingestion, while BriefCam Protect allows VMS video ingestion as well as file-based video ingestion.

Review Video Footage

Review hours of video in minutes and rapidly pinpoint objects of interest. Quickly search and filter objects and events of interest by metadata such as men, women, children, vehicles, and lighting changes with speed and precision, using 27 classes and attributes, as well as face recognition, appearance similarity, color, size, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, providing an ever increasing and powerful set of distinct search combinations.

Real Time Alerts

Unlock the ability to trigger a call to action, bringing relevant events to the forefront with real-time alerting capabilities. Enable organizations to proactively respond to situational changes in their environment, while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Video Analytics

Gain operational intelligence from the extracted and aggregated video metadata such as men, women, children, vehicles, size, color, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, enabling users to quantitatively analyze their video, derive actionable insights for data-driven safety.

"By delegating video review tasks to BriefCam, we are able to more quickly understand security incidents and trends throughout the territory."