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September 20th, 2023

BriefCam Attains LenelS2 OAAP Certification Under LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program

Certification Deepens Long-Standing Commercial & Enterprise Technology Partnership Between Companies

Boston, MA, September 20, 2023 – BriefCam®, the leader in innovative AI-driven video analytics solutions, today announced its certification under the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP) for its interface with the LenelS2™ OnGuard® Security Management System software. LenelS2 OnGuard users can now centrally receive and review BriefCam video analytics-driven alerts directly in the OnGuard Alarm Viewer.

“Interfacing BriefCam’s real-time video analytics into OnGuard enhances our customers’ ability to monitor and respond to security incidents effectively,” said John Marchioli, OAAP Product Management at LenelS2. “This certification further solidifies our commitment to providing comprehensive and integrated solutions to meet the evolving needs of our enterprise clients.”

The LenelS2 and BriefCam interface empowers LenelS2 users to centrally monitor and manage security alerts, including those from the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. Users leveraging multiple video management system (VMS) solutions integrated with BriefCam can now benefit from streamlined alarm monitoring and trigger rule-based automations, all within a unified environment.

“This interface is the latest advancement in further expanding the BriefCam integration ecosystem,” said Ann Barnea, Director of Product Management at BriefCam. “By deepening our long-standing partnership with LenelS2, we’re empowering LenelS2 customers to leverage BriefCam real-time capabilities for creating more robust alert-driven access control automations.”

The LenelS2 OAAP Certification showcases the commitment of both LenelS2 and BriefCam to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the security challenges faced by today’s public and private facilities and campuses. This global partnership is poised to provide significant benefits to existing and future enterprise clients, fostering operational efficiency and improved security management.

About BriefCam
BriefCam is the leading provider of video analytics software that enables people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of surveillance content. Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, BriefCam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence.
BriefCam 23 M1 debuts the innovative Custom ClassifID capability, superior real-time performance, and an enhanced user interface, further enabling users to translate video into impact based on significant infrastructure optimizations, enhanced real-time performance and accuracy, as well as new usability and investigation features.
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About LenelS2
LenelS2 is a global leader in advanced physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance and mobile credentialing. Our technology includes web-based and mobile applications enhanced by cloud-based services. Incorporating open architecture, LenelS2 provides scalable, unified security management solutions to customers ranging from global enterprises to small- and mid-size businesses. Easy to install and use, LenelS2 products are supported by an experienced, responsive team dedicated to providing exceptional service. LenelS2 serves segments worldwide including corporate, education, healthcare and government. LenelS2 is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions that matter for people and our planet for generations to come. For more information, visit